‘Shut the door for immigrants’ demand on Liberal party platform

Indian Spokesman Correspondent

SYDNEY: The ruling Liberal party in Australia will hold deliberations on a strange demand by the party leader George Popowsky, head of party’s Carlingford branch in New South Wales NSW.

As reported in Australian mainstream media George Popowsky has labelled all sorts of migrants as “Criminals” and “Bastards” while putting forward his demand for closing Australian doors for immigrations under all categories, including refugees. The agenda put forth by Popowsky is likely to be discussed at the Liberal party conference today.

Fairfax media reported that Popowsky attacked migrants by terming them responsible for vitiating the visa system through forged documents and faked degrees. He expressed concern that migrants had stolen all the jobs from OZs. He also alleged that majority of migrants were sitting on benefits.

He also reportedly quoted Donald Trump to express his concern against the entry of ‘Jihadis’ into Australia. “Do we really need them? Shut the door now”, he was quoted as saying.


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