Punjab govt goes into ‘Maharaja mode’

Indian Spokesman Bureau

CHANDIGARH: After showing the glimpse of hope through its first cabinet meeting decisions, the Punjab government has instantly changed its gear to go into the history as another government with baggage of bad governance.

The announcements of ending VIP culture and stringent austerity measures aiming at improving the economy, were mocked within few days by way of hiring a brigade of Advisers, OSDs and Chairmen. There was also policy flip-flop over the use of red beacons on top of official vehicles.

Capt Amarinder Singh has got no justification to offer that how a tainted ex-minister Lal Singh will serve the Mandi Board better than the government officers available in the hierarchy. What extra qualification or experience Lal Singh has got to handle the Mandi Board?

Similarly, how come BIS Chahal, a controversial former media advisor of Capt Amarinder Singh, deserves to be brought back into the cabinet through a backdoor entry?

None of the 13 OSDs or Chairmen handpicked by Capt Amarinder Singh has got extra-ordinary merit or distinction to absorb in the cabinet or giving plum postings. Had Capt hired some distinguish person like Sardara Singh Johal to assist Punjab government in improving the economy and education standards, no one would have raised fingers.

The current brigade of Advisors, OSDs and Chairman raised by Capt Amarinder Singh is nothing more than haughty majestic approach of pleasing the sycophants and loyalists on the expense of state exchequer. Were these persons so indispensable they would have been better accommodated in the Congress party rank and file?

Having given him clear mandate Punjabis have high hopes on Capt Amarinder Singh to turnaround Punjab by driving it out from the sea of despondency and revive its pristine glory. This is also the last chance for the scion of Patiala princely state to go into the history to be remembered as an able, upright and visionary architect of modern Punjab.

Otherwise, he will end up his political career with his last Chief Ministerial tenure crippled with tags like, “Aish and Cash government of Capt Amarinder Singh”.


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