Public frustration grows, so does the fear of Akalis turning black money into white

Indian Spokesman Bureau

CHANDIGARH: The demonetisation step of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi believed to have already turned at least Rs 1000 crore black money, reserved and stored with their staunch loyalists, by the Punjab mainstream political parties for spending on election, into pieces of paper. 

Yet the ruling SAD-BJP alliance in Punjab may be prone to public anger during the coming state assembly elections, due in January 2017, as people are facing much difficulties in getting the cash from the banks.

However, people have feared that the leaders of the ruling Akali government may get their black money notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 converted through exchange of smaller Rs 100 currency available as devotees’ offerings at scores of Gurdwaras including the Golden Temple, which are controlled by the Akali Dal through SGPC.

Punjabis already hate standing in queues but the shortage of money in banks due to demonetisation, has caused much problems. The businesses have come to a standstill and people have to stand in long queues for getting small amounts from the bank to run routine affairs.   

The level of frustration and anger among people to get their share of valid notes for meeting daily needs is multiplying as banks tripped with non-functional ATMs and cash running out of branches at many places.

Moreover, there seems to be no relief in near future as Prime Minister has himself declared that it will take 50 days to normalise the process of banking. One can assume what can be the degree of anger and frustration of people in the next 50 days!

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