Manmeet readied to take home in coffin!

Indian Spokesman Correspondent

MELBOURNE: Life journey of Manmeet Alisher is already over. Now, his mortal remains have been readied for shifting to his motherland in Punjab. Resting in coffin, late Manmeet will be boarded on the Air India flight at Melbourne, tomorrow 10.45am.

It will be life’s most difficult journey for his elder brother Amit Alisher, who will be seated in the economy class with his dearest brother Manmeet in the luggage apartment. A 12-hours-long journey from Melbourne to New Delhi will evaporate tears, if left out any, after wailing through the hectic mourning sessions in Brisbane.

After touching down in New Delhi at 5.40pm, it will take another 7 hours by road to reach Alisher village in Sangrur district. Anyone aware of Punjab’s culture can well imagine what will be the scene at his village when the old parents will see the face of their son! Even the cries renting through the air won’t be able to wake him up. Finally, Menmeet’s body will be consigned to flames on Friday morning.

It is said that a person comes and goes as per his predestined lifespan by the almighty. Everyone who has come, has to go one day. But, the way Manmeet has been donned to death will continue to trouble to not only to his parents and friends, but to every humanely soul for years together. May God grant lasting peace to his soul! Goodbye Manmeet!



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