I am dying to know when will it—————–happen?

The Indian Spokesman Editor is dying to know the following:

  • When will people start realising that humanity is above their religion?
  • When will the United States of America stop exerting its hegemony over other countries?
  • When will people wake up and force political leaders to stop deadly arms race?
  • When will UN realise its ‘real role’ to get all the countries agree to bury all the existing nuclear weapons and sing an agreement to not to manufacture nuclear weapons in future?
  • When will merit start prevailing over the colour of skin, caste and creed?
  • When will racism and apartheid end?
  • When will people stop exerting their religious superiority over people of other faiths?
  • When will Islamic people end ‘Jihad’?
  • When will young militants start asking their trainers or commanders to die for religion first before telling them to die?
  • When will there be an end of religious clashes?
  • When will men stop treating women as commodity?
  • When will women actually get the proper equality with men?
  • When will there be a realisation that beauty is, in fact, skin deep?
  • When will people wake up to make world anthem, and one common language which is acceptable worldwide?
  • When will nationalities hold consensus to stop over-exploitation of natural resources?
  • When will people of British heritage stop preferring skin colour, or nationality over merit in giving jobs?
  • When will the intelligent minds hold brain-storming sessions to provide an alternate governance model wherein the best and only meritorious people could hold reins of governance?
  • When will China allow its people to speak up and hold consensus over the model of governance, and when will China stop exporting duplicate and sub-standard things?
  • When will Indians raise above religion and caste barriers?
  • When will there be an end to violence, corruption, hatred and exploitation?

Can anyone tell me when and how the aforesaid things happen?  

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