Australian students’ worsening performance worries Labour Party

Hugh McDermott, MP, writes  

I hate to say it, but our kids are struggling.

The results of three major school tests have been released in the past couple of weeks and they all tell us the same thing: kids in Australia aren’t performing as well as those in years past.

The kids of Australia are the future of Australia and if they fall behind, we’ll all be worse off.

How can we build a successful Australia with jobs for all and support for those who need it if we don’t give the next generation the best possible start in life?

That’s why Labor wants to make sure that every Australian school gets the money it needs to provide the support our kids need. Our plan would provide more teachers and more individual attention for our kids.

But despite promising otherwise, the Liberals cut $30 billion from schools and now they’re trying to convince people that our schools don’t need any more money.

So we’ve got to do something about it, and that’s where you come in.

We want to build a campaign that calls on the government to stop making excuses and commit to properly funding our schools. The more noise we make, the better chance we have at getting our kids the support they need.

We know that Mr Turnbull is feeling the pressure of unpopularity and over Christmas he’ll be thinking about what he wants to do during 2017.

So clik on the link:  and sign our petition to send Mr Turnbull a message that he can’t ignore: Malcolm Turnbull, give our kids the support they need.

Over the coming months and years, I’ll be doing all I can to make sure our kids get the support they need. I hope I can count on your support.

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